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The Best Battle Emcees of 2002

1. Mac Lethal: Why did we choose Mac Lethal as the #1 active Battle MC? Because his style is unbelievable! Mac Lethal takes things from your apearence and twists them in such a creative way to diss you, that it's incredible. He also has a very commanding voice with an aggressive stage presence that intimidates the opponents. Hailing from Kansas City, Mac Lethal is the current 2002 Scribble Jam champion with a wicked & creative style, period!

2. Jakki Da MotaMouth: We could describe Jakki's battle style in one word: "disrespectful". He's so mean to his opponents that you can't help to love it. While the other guy is rhyming he walks a off stage or walks right up to you with a middle finger for your face. His disses are so creative and funny. I also recall him makin someone battle his hand before. Coming from Columbus Ohio's own MHz crew, he has won many MC battle competitions in Ohio and is a force to be reckoned with!

3. C-Rayz Walz: When it comes to battles, this mother fucker just has it!! With a combination of fast, smart lines & a very powerful commanding voice, C-Rayz Walz can take out almost ANYONE on a good day. He is from New York and has won the 2001 Rocksteady Anniversary MC Battle, he has defeated MC Battle "LEGEND" Supernatural, and has apeared on BET's Freestyle Friday MC Battle on 106 and park which aired on cable television!

4. Immortal Technique: Like Jakki Da MotaMouth this NYC Battle Titan has a very disrespectful style as well. He Somehow mixes very violent rhymes with an extremly funny style that just goes together well as he bashes his opponents. He has won more MC Battles in NY than we can remember but some of his victories include: 1st Place in the 2000 Rocksteady Anniversary MC Battle & 2nd place the year Before, and hes also apeared on 106 and park on BET! This cat is viscious as hell, watch out!

5. Ness Lee: The emcee known as Ness Lee dominates every battle he is in. His disses never quit. His style is sarcastic, his flow and wordplay of the top is flawless, and he doesn't show any signs of a weakness or "go to" word heard 20 times in a battle verse. It's just a matter of time before this name hits number 1 on this list.

6. Okwerdz: This Young MC is creeping up quickly on the MC Battle Scene. He has a very creative sarcastic "Smartass" style in battles. Rangin from witty appearance jokes to just flat out mockery of how wack he thinks his opponents are. He is a great character on stage, he does everything from: dancing while the opponent is rhyming to the evil satan laughs before he begins his verse. In just his 1st Year of Battlin on stage he has won the Def Jam's Rock a Mic MC Battle Along with Countless other MC battles in California. He has competed in the 2002 Scribble Jam, took 2nd Place in the 2002 Rocksteady Anniversary MC Battle, and is set To appear in many others across the country so be on the look out for this ill ass MC!

7. Many Styles: This NYC Battle veteren is known for getting up in your face very rudely and saying the most complex metaphors and multi syllable wordplay ever heard in a freestyle battle. He basically walks around like he owns the place!! His style is really good for the intelligent audience. He does not use any kind of obvious, or simple lines in his battles. You can tell he is a smart guy, and he is a very vicious MC!!

8. Meta4ce: Here's another young battle MC creeping onto the scene quickly. Fighting out of Columbus Ohio and Training w/ Jakki Da MotaMouth, he is becomming one of the best at street and stage battles with his very rude and creative ways of dissing your apearence combined with a loud grimey voice. In about 1 years time he has already won a few MC Battle Competitions in Ohio, Defeated the 2001 Scribble Jam Champion "ADeeM", and has MANY Street Battles under his belt. Be on the look out for this one or he might jus take YOU out!

9. Alius: This MC From Boston is INCREDIBLE!! He has some of the most witty punchlines in battles I have ever witnessed. His style basically focuses on apearance and he is really good at countering what people said before him. His lines are very sarcastic and effective, and we have seen him RIP. He has competed in the Superbowl MC Battle, Scribble Jam, and has defeated the BET 106 and park 7 time Hall of Fame Champion "Jin". Do not sleep pn this one!!

10. Presence: All I can say about this guy is "WOW"! Presence has swept through chicago winning every title there is to win! This hungry MC has a very agressive hype style that jus destroys an opponent with crushing blows!! He has won everything from Whos the Illest, Braggin Rights, Grills and Skills, All City MC Battle, and 360degree battle IN CHICAGO ALONE!! He has also won Put Up Your Dukes in St. Lous and the 2,000$ Brainstorm Battle in Seattle!! When this MC is Around, people will get there feelings hurt!

11. Wreckonize: These young MCs are starting to take over the battle scene! Wreckonize has earned a very nice reputation in Miami for winning every MC Battle title there is!! He has a very unique style and nice steady flow that basically gets the crowd hysterical as he defeats all opponents put in his path!! So you better Wreckonize!!!

12. ADeeM: One of the most original MCs in the battle scene!! He basically focus's on destroyin an MC With his SUPER-DOPE flow that is all over the beat and entertaining to watch!! He also throws in a few funny punchlines as well that just end a rappers career. He rhymes well under pressure whether in a street battle or a stage battle! To our knowledge I know he has won the 1998 & 2001 Scribble Jams, was a finalist in Bragging Rights, and Defeated Battle "Legend" P.E.A.C.E. of freestyle fellowship in a street battle!! Watch out for his original flow!!

13. Jin: If you haven't heard of Jin, you must be living under A rock!! He is probably the most successful battle MC ever!! Very creative lines, plus he is probably the best at comeback lines out of anyone that battles!! He can take anything you say about him and twist it around so it disses YOU!! Curently signed to Ruff Ryders and staying in NYC (from Miami), he has competed in countless NYC MC Battles, won HookT MC Battle, competed in the 2001 Scribble Jam, and Won BET's Freestyle Friday MC Battle 7 weeks in a row which puts him in the Hall of Fame!!! This MC is vicious and has paid his dues!!!

14. Prime: Another familiar face when it comes to battling, Prime has been EVERYWHERE! In street battles he has a very intmidating style and delivery as he masacres his opponents with every line! On stage he has that same fierce delivery with an array of funny and lethal punchlines. He is also known for taking a piss on an MC (whos name will remain anonymous) in a street battle so u never kno what he'll do next!! from Chicago Prime has been everywhere from Scribble Jam, MTV's DFX Battle, Realease Battles, and even the Blaze Battle which was aired on HBO!! Don't battle this guy in the streets unless you want to get pissed on!!!

15. Sage Francis: Here is one of the most unique battle MC's ever. He has a very strange and creative way of battling. He doesn't use the obvious clothing and apearence disses, instead he rips funny lines that make you look like an idiot. For those who diss on the obvious, he comes to battles wearing outrageous outfits so when you diss something obvious, he will call your rhyme way before you say it. It's very difficult to battle him because he will be mocking you horribly and dancing around making the crowd focus on him instead of the person rhyming. Very entertaining to watch!! This Rhode Island native has won the 2000 Scribble Jam, Superbowl MC Battle, and various Poetry Slams!! Do not under-estimate this one!!

16. Pack FM: whutduzFMstand4? NOBODY KNOWS! But what we do know is this talented MC has DOMINATED the NYC MC battle scene for some time now!! Using a combination of funny and sarcastic freestyle rhymes while mixing in some breath taking written punchlines, he can hang with the best of 'em in battles! He has won the 88Hip Hop MC Battle 4 Months in a row Putting him in the hall of fame, he has also won the 1999 Braggin rights MC Battle, The Next Generation MC Battle, The 24 Hour MC Battle 3 months in a Row, and got 2nd Place in the Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype MC Battle!! If you're ever in the NYC area and get a chance to see Pack FM battle or do a show, you better go for it!!!

17. Icon The Mic King: "Icon the Mic King OWNS YOU!!", a phrase you will hear all the time if you know this MC. One of the most arrogant battle MCs that has the skills to back it up, he has certainly earned his name as "the mic king". Icon has a very cocky and funny style of battling. He basically embarrasses the hell out of you while throwin in some metaphors and multi syllable wordplay that puts the crowd behind him 100%! Commin out of Philly, Icon has won the favorites MC Battle, Erico's Mic Fight 2 Times in a Row, MC World Cup Finalist, BrainStorm MC Battle Finalist, and lots more where that came from. Don't step to this one because "Icon The Mic King OWNS YOU!!"

18. Origin @L: Heres a battle MC you don't hear about often.....YET! Origin@L has been ripping people in Indianapolis for years. He is probably most known For EASILY taking out a battle "Legend" named Rhymefest in a beef related battle. He has a very cocky and funny array of disses that range from what you look like to "I Cant Believe He Said That" type lines like, "your missing something, like class reunions at columbine"! He has won numerous battles in Indianapolis, competed in Scribble Jam for the last 2 Years, and has Lost To Sage Francis in a battle where alot of people have a different opinion on who should have won. His best is yet to come so watch for this MC!!

19. Parable: Another young MC dominating the streets and stages of Miami!! Parable has an arsenal of great comback lines, appearance disses, combines with his super loud and hyper delivery and stage presence. You would never expect this small teen to be able to dismantle MCs the way he does. He has won the Supreme MC Battle, Reggae Wear Battle, Next to Shine MC Battle, HipHop Elements, ABD 1, Beyond, Pro Am, & defeated the BET 106 and park 7 time Hall of Fame Champion "Jin". Do not judge a book by its cover people!!!

20. Skandal the Ruckus Man: One Of the funniest MC's we've EVER witnessed battle. He is a very large man that is obsessed with nipples, so in every battle he brings a very entertaining and hilarious new nipple punchline to the table. He also has a large arsenal of fat comeback jokes, because he knows that's what everyone is goin to diss. His commanding voice combined with the BEST stage presence we've ever seen contributes to him embarassing his opponents in every battle! Hailing From Columbus Ohio, Skandal has been in every Scribble Jam MC Battle since the beginning(1997), was a semi finalist in the Columbus Hip Hop Expo, and was Featured on HBO's Blaze Battle that was aired nationwide on Cable Television. If you like to laugh your ass off, then watch Skandal the Ruckus Man get in a Battle!!

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